Kreator Lab is a young team of very educated and qualified specialists that have a large experience
                                       at the laboratory and process equipment market. We specialized in supplying equipment and full further
                                       service including installation, qualification and validation (IQ, OQ, PQ), warranty and post-warranty service. 
                                      We have a long-term cooperation with a wide range of customers such as scientific and educational institutes
                                        and universities, R&D laboratories, quality control laboratories, laboratories at manufacture and different factories.
                                       Our specialists have a deep knowledge in quality control of petrochemical, chemical, food and drug products and
                                       in production of different chemical and other substances. Kreator Lab represents equipment for microbiological
                                       analysis, drug quality control, chemical synthesis and other productions from different countries. We are working
                                       with high quality equipment producers from Europe, USA, Japan and Asia.
                                       Our main goal is to solve our customer problems and tasks by the most effective and optimal way. The first priority
                                       for us is individual approach and customer focus.
                                       If you are interested in promoting your products on the Russian market, we are very open to discuss all the kinds of
                                       cooperation. Please, feel free to contact us:
                                       Tel.: +7 (499) 110-48-08